An Awakened Poly Playshop

Saturday June 30, 2007

In the Awakened Mind, and Evolved Mind, states you feel a deep sense of peace and internal balance-you are at harmony with yourself, with others, and with your larger environment. You experience increased buoyancy and vitality. Your senses are enlivened -every aspect of your perceptual experience seems richer, more textured. Surprisingly, you feel invigorated even when you would usually have felt tired and drained. Things that usually would have irked you just don't "get to you" as much. Your body feels regenerated-your mind clear. At least for a period of time, decisions become obvious as priorities clarify and inner conflict dissolves. Intuitive insight suddenly provides convenient solutions to problems that had previously consumed weeks of restless thought. Your creativity flows freely. You may experience a sense of greater connectedness with others and feelings of deep fulfillment.

Learn through brain wave monitoring and guided imagery how to create the optimal Awakened Mind State, and Evolved Mind State, for enhanced intimacy, creativity, bliss, and brain health.

Learn how to create high heart coherence for enhanced feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation using biofeedback.

You and your partners can watch your heart coherence and brain wave patterns during moments of utmost mutual intimacy, if you so choose, in order to expand those moments of love to states of high bliss and connectedness.

Learn some simple, fast techniques of Energy Psychology to quickly and painlessly resolve common relationship issues of jealousy, abandonment, or any other troubling emotional challenge.

Come and enjoy a playful day learning how to expand your Mind and Heart for greater loving and creative bliss for both you and your partners. A day long session of Awakened Mind / Heart coherence training will be followed by an evening poly playshop for those wishing to continue their exploration of love and intimacy. An introduction to Taoist Sexual Energy Massage will be taught for partners or groups of three to practice on each other.

Space is limited for this event, so register now to ensure your place.

Where Schedule What to bring
Art's Barn
620 Napa Road
Sonoma, CA 95476
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Saturday June 30, 2007
Workshop times: 10:00 - 5:00pm
Dinner / Potluck: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Playshop / Taoist massage: 7:00pm till morning
Comfortable clothing and optional lingerie.
Towel for the pool or hot tub.
Food for the potluck.
Bedding if you are staying overnight.