Gary Groesbeck, BCIAC Fellow

Donna Bach, N.D.

Donna and Gary are certified in the Awakened Mind training and have taught at Esalen Institute with Anna Wise, one of the originators of this practice, as well as workshops, private neurofeedback counseling sessions and classes in many healing modalities. Gary is a certified Biofeedback/stress management practitioner, and Donna is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor for over 30 years. Donna and Gary are both involved in the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Donna being a HAI intern for over 7 years.

Bill Colias, Guerrilla Ontologist

Bill is a lifelong producer of his own model of freedom, choice and following a blissful and peaceful path. He has for years been renowned for orchestrating many gatherings of loving, Poly people, where a wonderful experience of Bliss can be had by all! Bill has been trained in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Soul Retreival, and has been a HAI intern since 1991.

Rachel Jarredt E.

DOB: 9/28/73 (age 33)

Height: 5'0

Profession: Leader of group therapy in many types of modalities including drama, expressive arts, cbt, psychodrama, etc, and 1:1 sessions too. I work in adult psyche.

Other interests: Writing, photography, creating performance art, reading, watching movies, seriocomedy, learning about other people, direct communication, honesty.

Last accidental wetting of pants incident: First grade, during reading group. Mrs. Entz had refused me permission to visit the lavatory when I asked. Bitch!

Favorite summer camp memory: I won at dodgeball! Last woman standing!

Best high school sex: In my clothes closet, with Black Sabbath playing and velvet skirts hanging all around.

Favorite HAI level so far: I have done up to Level 6, but skipped 5. Levels 2 and 4 were my faves.

Relationship status: Married.

Girlfriend? Not at present.

Sexual preference: Omnisexual.

Smoke? Drink? Drugs? Very occasionally, no, and no.

Looking for..?: If I meet up with someone at this event, that's an added bonus. But I'm really excited to plan and put Poly Playshop together in the first place.


DOB: Beginning of time

Height: 5'11"

Profession: Enlightened Master & Supreme Being